A safe female recovery home to find help for drug addiction & alcoholism.

Improving the life for quality of women  suffering from the effects of their addiction 

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We are a structured halfway house residency for women who struggle with the long term effects of drug and alcohol  addiction.  Our primary purpose is to help the addict achieve an awareness of the disease concept as well as the role it has played in their life choices. 

If you have completed your  detox program, Safe Passages Recovery may be your next step forward.

Our program supports and involves the resident in their plan of care assisting them in achieving their goals.   We believe if given the tools to recover from the addiction, they can then make more informed decisions.   By supporting our residents in a supervised therapeutic setting where rules and conduct are the norm, they can learn new coping skills enabling them to achieve their full potential.   As a group we can empower each other to achieve recovery through a 12 step program, share our experience in healing creating a safe passage to recovery.


Our goal is to provide a safe, therapeutic environment where women who suffer from addictions can recover heal, and support each other as they overcome  obstacles that prevent them from living a life free of drugs and alcohol.  We promote a recovery program that incorporates life skills to help the recovering addict achieve goals as well as promote physical, emotional, spiritual, well-being by providing a traditional 12 Step study as well as a faith-based study.  We feel that by sharing our experiences, strength and hope with each other we form a sisterhood of women who are empowered to live a better quality of life.


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