Our Story

Art work created by one of our resident

 Recovery is our primary purpose, learning how to stay clean & sober our goal. Learning the Steps & tools help us to live our lives with integrity and empower us to live life free from addictions. 



" I spent 6 months there and learned about recovery, the knowledge & skill I need to live a drug free life. I will be forever thankful to this amazing program."
-Janine Kramer

" When I got into trouble and went to rehab, instead of my life falling apart it began falling together. Everything was getting into place for my life"
-Alisar Assaf

If you want to change your life and live clean & sober, then i encourage you to try Safe Passages Recovery. It works if you want it."
-Dianne Sam



Residents form bonds and friendships that last a life time.

 Preceptor program is peer program that  matches residents with a Sr. resident support.