At Safe Passages Recovery we focus on relapse prevention and life skills.

We Offer:

Safe therapeutic environment

to share our strength, experience

and HOPE.

*   Traditional 12 step program

*   Substance abuse education

*   Relapse prevention education

*   Employment assistance

*   Transportation

*   Life skills instruction

*   Therapueic environment where residents can

      examine their behavior and learn new coping skills.


Frequently Asked Questions


1)  What can I bring?

  • Clothing for 7 days, hygiene products
  • Writing paper/stamps
  • 2-3 Towels, washcloths
  • Cell phone (use after initial 90 days)
  • 2 forms of identification (photo ID, SS, Birth certificate)


2)  Do I need to detox first?

  • Call for more detailed information

3)  Can I take medication?

  • Prescribed medications only for

           Depression, Blood pressure, Diabetes 

  • Medications must be in original bottle

4)  Will I be able to visit my family?

  • After 30 day probationary period

5)  Will I be able to work?

  • Employment and transportation is a component of program.